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February 25, 2007 | tom merle


Am trying this avenue to reach you, since I don't see your specific email on your excellent site--a device to prevent spam no doubt. Want to talk to you about a few ventures I'm involved in that converge with your background and interests. Got your name from the folks at Citizen Space.

As for Lodi, I think only the "Phillips boys" could pull off a high end wine, since they enjoy a significant following, and having achieved a fair amount of success in the marketplace. Mettler, too, has a decent Cab. But the evenings just aren't cool enough to produce fine wines, yes?

That said, it might help the cause of lifting the value of Lodi grapes if not the vino, if the AVA does manage to break down into subappellations.

I tried to help the cause by setting up a downtown SF tasting room for the Lodi winegrape growers, led by Mark Chandler, but when it came time to put up the bucks, they couldn't step up to line.


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