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Guenoc Valley Wine Country

Langtry Estate is the only winery in the Guenoc Valley Wine Country. This large property encompasses 22,000 total acres but is plated with only 300 acres of vineyards. Because much of Guenoc Valley is oppressively hot, only the best locations can grow quality grapes.

Guenoc Valley Wine Country is located in a sheltered part of Lake County. The climate is rather extreme, with large temperature swings from day to night, especially on the Guenoc Valley floor. But the AVA is very large, and certain microclimates are more moderate; this is where the vineyards are planted.

The terrain of Guenoc Valley Wine Country is hilly and composed of volcanic soil. Extinct volcanoes surround the AVA, and ancient pyroclastic lava flows define the soil. Much of the region is sheltered, but there are vineyards planted on ridgelines that enjoy a more moderate climate.

Guenoc Valley’s history dates to 1886 when Lillie Langtry began planting grapes. Her wines were quite popular, but the winery did not survive Prohibition. The 1960s saw renewed interest in planting vineyards in Guenoc Valley Wine Country, and AVA status was granted in 1981.

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