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Guenoc Valley’s Hot Climate and its Influence on Wine Production

Because temperatures are so hot, grapes need to be harvested earlier than most other wine regions. If they are not, sugar levels will rise too high and acid levels will be too low. The result would be high alcohol wines with no acidity to frame them.

The region also has very cool nights, and temperatures swing substantially from day to night. During the growing season, days are normally very clear, and clouds are unusual. Guenoc also has lower rainfall than surrounding areas. McCreary Lake is located just north of the AVA.

The valley floor experiences the most extreme temperature swings. Vines planted on the surrounding hills enjoy slightly cooler days and warmer nights. The team at Langtry has been farming this land for many years, and they know where to plant specific grapes as well as when to harvest. Their wines are full bodied and have deep flavors.

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