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The History of Guenoc Valley Wineries and Vineyards

With the onset of Prohibition, the property and its vines fell into disrepair. From the 1920s to the 1960s, the wine region was forgotten. Malulani Investments bought the land and its few remaining vineyards in 1963. Soon thereafter, Orville Magoon purchased the Guenoc and began revitalizing the vineyards.

In 1981, Magoon built a state of the art winemaking facility was built on the property. It has since been upgraded several times and is the only touch of modernity in the rustic Guenoc AVA.

In 2003, Easton Thomas Manson bought Guenoc Winery and Langtry Estate from Orville Magoon. Roy E. Cecchetti is currently the President and Bob Broman is the Vice President and Winemaker.

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