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Mendocino County Wine Country

Mendocino County Wineries offers some tremendous values. This is primarily due to lack of exposure and marketing, and should not be mistaken for lower quality. Prices are also lower because land prices are much more reasonable compared to the ridiculously high real estate markets of other regions. The astute, impartial wine consumer realizes that great quality and value can be had from Mendocino Wineries.

The Anderson Valley AVA is located near the Pacific Coast and has a cool, foggy climate. Because of this, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewurztraminer do particularly well here. A substantial amount of sparkling wine is also produced in the AVA; the Roederer Champagne House has a substantial presence in this part of Mendocino Wine Country.

Some of the state’s best Zinfandels are made with grapes grown in the Mendocino Ridge AVA. Because this wine region is located above the fog line, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are able to fully ripen on the sunny mountain slopes. There are only 75 acres of vineyards in the entire AVA, but they are extremely prized by Mendocino County Wineries and consumers.

Just to the west is the scenic Yorkville Highlands. Located on the border of the coastal and interior wine regions of Mendocino County Wine Country, the region enjoys a transitional, moderate climate. Local vineyards are cooled by fog and marine breezes in the morning and warmed by sunny afternoons.

Redwood Valley has one of the longest histories of wine production by all Mendocino County Wineries. Vineyards in this sunny region are cooled by oceanic winds through a gap in the Coastal Mountain Range. The results are flavorful wines with sufficient acidity for balance. Bordering to the east is Potter Valley. Very little wine is actually made here and most of the grapes are sold to non-resident Mendocino County Wineries.

The McDowell Valley is the smallest AVA in Mendocino County Wine Country. The region’s only winery specializes in growing Rhone varietals including Syrah and Grenache. The property also contains a number of other grape varietals including some very old Zinfandel vines.

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