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Potter Valley Wine Country

There are over 1,000 acres of Potter Valley Vineyards but no resident wineries. However, several premium wineries source grapes from the region; including Kalin Cellars, Rutherford Hill Winery and Sunset Cellars.

Potter Valley Wine Country’s inland climate is characterized by large temperature swings from day to night. Grapes from Potter Valley Vineyards develop strong flavors, but acidity retention can be an issue for certain varietals.

The terrain of the Potter Valley Wine Country has been shaped by erosion from local watersheds. Soils are made of alluvium from the constant movement of water. The headwaters of the Russian River are located in Potter Valley Vineyards.

The Pomo Native Americans had several settlements in Potter Valley when the first Caucasians arrived. Thomas Potter and Mose Briggs were looking for the origin of the Russian River when they first entered the region. Since then, the valley’s history has been characterized by rural agricultural development.

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December 22, 2007 | M J Girard

Potter Valley is one of California's least appreciated AVA's to date, so maybe, since there's only around 1,000 planted acres, we should just keep it that way and enjoy the wines for those who know about it...never mind!

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