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The Origins of Yorkville Highlands Wine Grape Growing

Because of the Yorkville Highlands’ rugged terrain, it was bypassed by most grape growers for many years. Only recently has there been a lot of interest in the region’s transitional climate and hillside properties.

The region was granted AVA status in 1998, from petitions filed by William J.A. Weir and Bernadette A. Byrne. Mr. Weir is the owner of Weir Vineyards in the Yorkville Highlands. Ms. Byrne is the executive director of the Mendocino Winegrowers Alliance and director of marketing at McDowell Valley Vineyard.

The region is best known for red wine, but some great whites and roses are made in the Yorkville Highlands as well. There are currently about 350 acres of vineyards and 21 growers in the 40,000 acre Yorkville Highlands AVA.

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