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Carmel Valley Wine Country

Carmel Valley wineries have quietly been making exceptional wines for many years. Even though Carmel Valley is a relatively new AVA, it is no longer a secret that the region produces high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Learn more about the best local wineries in Carmel Valley Wine Country.

Carmel Valley’s climate is one of the most pleasant in the state. Vineyards of Carmel Valley Wineries thrive during the region’s long, sunny days and are cooled by afternoon breezes from the Pacific Ocean.

As is the case in most wine regions, Carmel Valley’s terrain is quite complex. However, a basic understanding of the region’s soils and topography will give you considerable insight into local grape growing and winemaking. This is what gives Carmel Valley Wineries unique grapes to produce distinctive wines.

Before the Europeans arrived, the Ohlone and Esselen Tribes lived in Carmel Valley for many generations. Spanish Missionaries planted the first vineyards in the region. However, the first modern wineries did not arrive until the 1950s. There is much to learn about Carmel Valley history.

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Comments & Reviews

November 13, 2006 | Susan Bicais

There's more to Carmel than shopping and golf. It's great to get out into the valley and explore the wineries. I especially enjoyed Bernardus Winery.
Friendly & knowledgeable staff. The Rosella's Vineyard pinot noir was excellent.

November 14, 2006 | Ben Bicais

Rosella's Vineyard really is a phenomenal piece of property, and Ben Pon doesn't cut any corners in his winemaking.

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