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Napa Valley Wine Country

The coolest wine region is Carneros, which is home to several excellent Napa Valley Wineries. The AVA is split between Napa Valley Wine Country and its neighbor, with each side producing distinct styles of wine. The Napa side is a little hillier and has a warmer climate compared to its western counterpart.

The versatile Oak Knoll wine region is located north. In 2004, after over a decade of effort, the Trefethen Family successfully gained AVA status for the region. Just to the east is the Coombsville wine region, also known as Tulocay. Although not yet an AVA, the wine region is home to many excellent Napa Valley Wineries like Farella Vineyards.

Once a sleepy exit off of Highway 29, the Yountville AVA has changed dramatically in the past two decades. The climate in this region cooler than in the south, but is still relatively cool by Napa Valley standards. The Yountville Mounts sit just north of the region and block much of the wind and fog from the San Pablo Bay from advancing through Napa Valley Wine Country.

Three of the most famous wine regions in the golden state sit right next to each other. Oakville, Rutherford and St Helena have made a name for themselves by producing world class Cabernet Sauvignon. These AVAs are home to some of the best wineries in the state, and consistently produce premium quality wine.

The Stags Leap AVA is separated from the Napa Valley floor by a row of hills that run north-south. They act as a funnel for winds, and the region can be breezy and cool when most of the other Napa Valley Wineries are hot. Sitting high in the hills, Atlas Peak once contained a significant amount of Sangiovese vineyards, but many producers are replanting with Cabernet Sauvignon; which is the focus of most wineries in Napa Valley Wine Country.

The Mount Veeder AVA has historically been prized for its scarce and high-quality grape production. Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Syrah are widely planted on these sunny mountain slopes. Spring Mountain and Diamond Mountain are located to the north. The Napa Valley Wineries from these regions are famous for cult Cabernet Sauvignon that is made in extremely low quantities.

Howell Mountain is another elevated region located in the northeastern hills of Napa Valley Wine Country. The region’s remarkably sunny weather and many famous wineries makes it quite a draw for tourists. Grapes grown on the mountain are known for their concentrated flavors and aromas.

Chiles Valley is one of the states’s premium Zinfandel producing regions. Because of the AVA’s isolation, it contains some remarkably old vineyards that survived the ravages of phylloxera during the early 20th century. Napa Valley Wine Country’s newest AVA, Wild Horse Valley, is located in the southeastern hills. Because of its cool, windy climate, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay do quite well here.

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