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The Role of Mount Veeder Climate on Rhone Varietal Grape Growing

Mount Veeder receives more rainfall than the Napa Valley average. The major watersheds in the AVA are Redwood and Round Creeks. Many of the mountain’s vineyards are near one of these two watersheds. Enormous oak and redwood trees are also common near these creeks and add to the beauty of the region.

The AVA’s elevation ranges between 400 and 2,600 feet above sea level. Vineyards are rarely affected by fog, but can be exposed to winds from the San Pablo Bay. Because fog is not much of an issue, morning temperatures on the mountain are generally warmer than those on the Napa Valley Floor.

Afternoons can be quite breezy and are generally cooler than the valley floor. Overall, temperatures are moderate and the growing season is long and methodical.

Rhone varietals are increasingly being planted to take advantage of the mountain’s climate and terrain. Jade Mountain pioneered this development. Their Paras Vineyard Syrah remains the best wine made from a Rhone varietal in the AVA.

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