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Oak Knoll Wine Country

For the most part, Oak Knoll wineries are hidden from the majority of tourists. Oak Knoll Avenue and Big Ranch Road are just north of the town of Napa between Highway 29 and Silverado Trail. The tasting rooms of Oak Knoll Wineries are much less crowded than other parts of the Valley and are a great place for wine tours.

The climate of Oak Knoll Wine Country is significantly influenced by cooling wind and fog from the San Pablo Bay as well as warmer air from the North. John Trefethen coined the term “sweet spot” to describe these versatile growing conditions. Many different grapes thrive in this moderate climate.

Many of the geologic processes that have occurred over the millennia have affected Oak Knoll’s terrain. The soil composition of individual vineyard plots often determines which varietal is planted in specific locations. This is the main cause of variation in Oak Knoll Wineries.

Before 1968, the majority of what is now Oak Knoll Wine Country was not used for grape growing. Realizing the overwhelming promise of this untapped resource, Eugenio Trefethen purchased 600 acres of this now prestigious land. This had a profound impact on the history of Oak Knoll.

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