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The Impact of Yountville Terrain, Soil and Geology on Wine Production

This current deposited geological material and debris that are not found elsewhere in the valley. The Yountville Mounts are a group of hills located just north of town. They prevent much of the wind and fog from the San Pablo Bay from advancing further upvalley. These hills contain some of the most prized vineyard sites in the region.

The Yountville Bench is located at the base of the Western Mayacamas Mountains. Erosion from these hills has shaped the soils on the Bench. They are sandy, gravelly, and well-drained. While these soils are more porous than the valley floor, they contain more clay than the Oakville-Rutherford Bench.

Dominus Estate is an impressive winery that owns vineyards in this part of the AVA. Christian Moueix owns just over 100 acres of vines. His vineyard has diverse soils that include porous volcanic gravel, clay and loam.

Educated in the Pomerol district of Bordeaux, Moueix has and impressive knowledge of his property. He meticulously manages the canopy and crop yield giving each grape the best opportunity to mature. This allows them to fully ripen and helps mellow the tannins in his Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery makes two Bordeaux blends: Dominus and Napanook.

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