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Cienega Valley History of Grape Growing

In 1854, Theophile Vache began selling his grapes in San Juan Bautsista. In 1880, William Palmtag bought Vache’s vineyards. He gained international fame for his high quality wine production. Palmtag planted a rare Negrette vineyard that still produces grapes over 120 years later.

In 1953, Almaden bought most of the vineyards in the Cienega Valley. Almaden made jug wines with these grapes and applied for AVA status in 1982. In 1987, Hublein bought Almaden’s holdings and began selling smaller parcels to individuals and families. This finally shed the corporate, jug wine reputation of the region.

In 1988, the DeRose and Cedolini Families bought a few hundred acres and began selling grapes and making wine. Production under the De Rose label began in 1993. Additionally, Scott Flint established Flint Wine Cellars a few years ago.

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