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Lime Kiln Wine Country

Enz Vineyards is the only winery in Lime Kiln Wine Country. But there are wineries located in other regions that purchase fruit from Lime Kiln’s vineyards. Wild Horse Winery from Paso Robles makes an excellent Mourvedre with some of these grapes.

The climate of Lime Kiln Wine Country is characterized by warm, sunny days, and cool, breezy nights. Much of San Benito County shares this climate during the grape growing season. The diurnal fluctuation, or difference in temperature between day and night, is quite high. This leads to wines with upfront, fruit flavors and velvety tannins.

The terrain of Lime Kiln is characterized by limestone rich hillsides. There is also a significant amount of decomposed granite in the soil. Because ground water is plentiful, most local vineyards are not irrigated. This forces vines to develop large root systems and improves grape quality. The vast majority of local vineyards in Lime Kiln Wine Country are dry farmed.

The history of grape growing in Lime Kiln Wine Country began in 1887, when homesteaders planted the first vineyards. In 1967, the Enz Family began reviving some of these historic vines and also planted new ones. They made their first commercial wine in 2000. Because of Lime Kiln’s favorable climate and terrain, the region has a lot of potential for producing more great wines in the future.

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