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The Impact of Climate on Lime Kiln Grape Growing

The temperature of the Lime Kiln AVA fluctuates tremendously from day to night. This variation is well suited to full bodied varietals that need a lot of sun to ripen but cool nights to retain acidity. Warm weather grapes often develop a lot of sugar and make high alcohol wines. Without enough acidity, these wines would taste hot and unbalanced.

Summer days usually see a high of 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures routinely drop to under 50 degrees at night. This is not only because of the characteristic northwesterly evening winds in San Benito County, but also because fog often moves in. Mornings can still be a bit hazy, but the fog has usually completely burned off by late morning.

Rainfall varies dramatically based on elevation. The lowest parts of Lime Kiln only get about 15 inches while more elevated areas get about 40 inches of rain a year. Winters are very cold in the AVA.

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