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The History of Lime Kiln Wine Country

The region gets its name from the many lime kilns that once dotted the landscape. They took advantage of the abundant limestone in the ground. Between 1890 and 1910, Henry Cowell operated the Cowell Lime Company.

In 1967, Bob and Susan Enz arrived with their four children. They bought about 300 acres in the idyllic Lime Kiln Valley. 15 of these acres were planted with the original vines planted in 1887. Two of Henry Cowell’s lime kilns are still on the property.

Enz Vineyards and Winery remains the only winery in the AVA. They own about 40 acres of vineyards. An additional 60 acres of grapes are farmed by other growers. One of Bob and Susan’s daughters, Chelsea, recently bought some land with her husband Royce. This property is right next to her parents. Chelsea and Royce recently bottled their first Mourvedre and White Zinfandel.

The Lime Kiln AVA was established in 1982. Not surprisingly, the Enz Family was the main proponent of this official recognition.

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