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Lime Kiln Soil, Terrain and Grape Growing

The soil of Lime Kiln consists mainly of sand, gravel, and loam alluvium. The subsoil contains a lot of dolomite and limestone. Alongside grape vines, pine trees also thrive in this terrain.

Because limestone is water soluble, it is carried into the AVA from higher elevations from rain and watersheds. Lime soils are highly valued for grape growing. The Burgundy region of France is famous for its limestone soils.

There is a significant amount of water stored underground. This can be tapped to irrigate vines, especially in lower elevations of the AVA where rainfall is scarce. But the Enz Family, who own the most local vineyards, insists on dry farming their grapes.

The Lime Kiln AVA is located about 18 miles from the Pacific Ocean and 20 miles from the San Joaquin Valley. The town of Hollister is about 10 miles to the north.

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