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Ben Lomond Wine Country

There are only a few Ben Lomond wineries, but they make up for lack of quantity with very high quality. Producers in Ben Lomond Wine Country include Beauregard Vineyards, McHenry Vineyard and Hallcrest Vineyards.

Located very close to the Pacific Ocean, the climate of Ben Lomond Wine Country is quite moderate. Whereas many regions have large temperature fluctuations between day and night that can be as high as 60 degrees, Ben Lomond’s range is more like 35 to 40 degrees. This is beneficial for the wine region’s Pinot Noir vineyards.

The terrain of Ben Lomond Wineries is geologically diverse. Because there are so many faults running through the area, the soil of the entire Santa Cruz Mountains is all over the map. But some generalizations can be made: most of the local soil is made of eroded granite and sandstone.

Ben Lomond had a highly developed wine industry during the mid 19th century. William Coope’s Ben Lomond Wine Company was one of the best wineries in the region for many years. But Prohibition put an end to all of this for several decades, until local vineyards and wineries began to be revived during the 1960s and 1970s. But then Pierces Disease then struck in the late 1980s, and Ben Lomond Wine Country basically had to start from scratch again. Despite the region’s history, of setbacks, Ben Lomond’s wineries and vineyards are doing remarkably well.

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