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Livermore Valley Wine Country

Many Livermore wineries are small, family owned operations. The best known Livermore Wineries are Wente Vineyards, Concannon Winery and Crooked Vine Winery. There are currently about 3,000 acres of vineyards in Livermore Valley Wine Country as well as a wine trail that is quite popular for wine tours and tastings.

The climate of Livermore Wineries is affected by both coastal and inland influences. Inland heat from the Central Valley makes its way into the wine region and the weather is usually sunny during the growing season. At the same time, cool winds from the Bay moderate temperatures, especially in the evening and overnight.

The terrain of Livermore Valley Wine Country was recognized very early as being suited for high-quality grapes. Despite the region’s well-drained soils, Livermore Valley has been transformed from a largely agricultural region to a suburb of San Francisco over the past few decades. Fortunately, Livermore Valley Wineries have made significant progress in preserving the vineyards that remain.

Livermore Valley had a very developed wine industry as far back as the late 19th century. Vineyards in the wine region were highly valued during these early years and were planted with a significant amount of Vitis vinifera varietals. The remarkable history of the local wine industry was formally recognized in 1982 when AVA status was granted by the Federal Government.

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September 14, 2008 | jking7433

Many San Francisco Bay area locals are unaware or unfamiliar with the Livermore valley. Most of the winieries are located off of 580 just past Pleasanton. If you ever feel like taking a wine tasting trip and don't feel like dealing with the traffic and tourist (and in my opinion many elitist tasting room staff) of Napa and Sonoma, try out the Livermore valley. Concannon and Wente are the two oldest and most well known of the area, but there are also over 70 other small wineries in the area. Every time I go I find a new winery to try. My favorites (as of right now) are Thomas Coyne, Big White House, Charles R, Bent Creek, Deer Ridge, and Les Chenes.

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