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Pacheco Pass Wine Country

Zanger Vineyards is the only winery in Pacheco Pass Wine Country. This wine label is part of the Casa de Fruta Estate that has been owned by the Zanger Family since 1908. In addition to wine, they sell a variety of other agricultural products.

Situated between the moderate coast and more extreme inland temperature swings, Pacheco Pass Wine Country has a transitional climate. Because of its elevation, the wine region is very windy.

The terrain of Pacheco Pass Wine Country is quite stunning. John Muir was captivated with the region and wrote extensively about its natural beauty. Rolling hills dominate the landscape. There are also a few reservoirs and streams that are used to irrigate the vineyards in Pacheco Pass Wine Country.

Long before the Europeans and Americans arrived, Pacheco Pass had a history of being used as an important route between the Bay Area and Central Valley by Native Americans. Agriculture and livestock have always been the region’s main industries.

Pacheco Pass and other Bay Area Wineries *“Zanger Vineyards”:/explore/wineries/zanger-vineyards

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