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The Role of Pacheco Pass Soil on Grape Growing

Pacheco Pass is located in Southern Santa Clara County. The region has a number of natural artesian wells in the local soil. The pass has long been used as a route through the Diablo Mountain Range. At its highest elevation, the road reaches an elevation of about 1,300 feet. Pacheco Peak rises to 2,845 feet above sea level.

The San Luis Reservoir is in the eastern part of the region. This man-made body of water is used to irrigate local agriculture. A significant amount of the water is also diverted to the Central Valley Water Project and the California State Water Project. The Los Banos Creek Reservoir, San Felipe Lake, and Pacheco Creek are also both in the AVA. The path of Pacheco Creek has left significant gravel and sand deposits.

Highway 152 is a treacherous 40 mile road that runs through the region. The road connects Los Banos and Gilroy and bridges Silicon Valley with Central Valley. The landscape is dotted with beautiful ferns and native flowers.

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