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York Mountain Wine Country

York Mountain has three wineries and only a couple hundred acres of vineyards. Unlike most producers in the larger AVA, York Mountain Wineries produce wines that are known more for grace than for power.

York Mountain Wine Country vineyards are grown in a moderate and elevated climate that is only about 7 miles inland from of the Pacific Ocean. York Mountain Wineries are blessed with the combination of a long and sunny growing season that is moderated by maritime breezes and cool overnight temperatures.

York Mountain Wineries’ terrain consists of thin soils in the western hills. York Mountain Wine Country is on the eastern side of the Coastal Mountain Range. These factors have a tremendous impact on the finished product.

Andrew York established the region’s first commercial winery. Originally called Ascension Winery, it has since been renamed York Mountain Winery. The Goldman Family purchased the property in 1970. Max and Steve Goldman were instrumental in York Mountain’s history, securing AVA status for the wine region in 1983.

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