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Chalk Hill Wine Country

There are currently six Chalk Hill wineries and 1,000 acres of vineyards in the region. Notable producers include Albini Family Vineyards, Chalk Hill Estate and Rodney Strong. The region’s off-the-beaten-path location along with excellent Chalk Hill Wineries makes it a great stop for wine tours.

Chalk Hill Wine is produced in a moderate climate. The biggest climatic variable is elevation. The more elevated east is warmer than the lower west. This has a profound impact on wine production from Chalk Hill Wineries.

Perhaps no other factor is more responsible for outstanding Chalk Hill wine production than the region’s distinctive terrain. Soils are primarily volcanic rather than the alluvial soils that characterize much of the larger Russian River Valley. Despite Chalk Hill’s name, soils are actually made of decomposed volcanic ash from a series of ancient eruptions known as the Sonoma Volcanics.

In 1983, the Federal Government recognized Chalk Hill’s unique history, climate and terrain by granting it AVA status. Over the years, Chardonnay has traditionally been grown at lower elevations, with Cabernet Sauvignon in the hills. Chalk Hill Wineries utilize this when deciding what varietal to plant in their vineyards.

Chalk Hill Wineries

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