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Green Valley Wine Country

Green Valley wineries are located in the westernmost part of their parent AVA. Some popular destinations for Green Valley wine tours include Iron Horse Vineyards, Hartford Court Winery and Marimar Estate.

The climate of Green Valley Wine Country is very cool, and wineries make a substantial amount of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and sparkling wine. The wine region encompasses about 19,000 total acres and is planted with about 1,200 acres of vineyards.

Green Valley terrain is comprised of two major soil types: Franciscan Complex and Gold Ridge. Each produce wines with distinctive characteristics. Franciscan Complex soils are denser and retain water better than Gold Ridge soils. Pinot Noir from the Franciscan Complex is generally weightier than the leaner Pinots made from Gold Ridge soils.

The history of wine production in Green Valley Wine Country began during the 1830s. The first European settlers were of Russian descent. Although they devoted most of their efforts to fur trading, the Russians established small settlements and planted vineyards. Despite these early efforts, Green Valley’s modern wine industry did not begin until the late 1960s.

A Few Popular Green Valley Wineries

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