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Knights Valley Wine Country

Knights Valley wineries specialize in full-bodied red wines. Beringer owns many of the vineyards in the region, but there are also some small, Knights Valley Wineries that are open for wine tours and tastings. These include Peter Michael Winery, Hans Fahden Vineyard and Anakota Wines.

Because it is protected from the Pacific Ocean by several mountain ranges, Knights Valley’s climate is the warmest in all of Sonoma County. Full-bodied red grapes thrive in these temperatures, especially Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Sauvignon Blanc is also widely planted in Knights Valley Wine Country.

The terrain of most Knights Valley Wineries is comprised of volcanic soils with a high iron content that are red from oxidation. Many vineyard sites also contain a significant amount of gravel deposited by ancient rivers that have passed through the region over the ages. The combination of well-drained, volcanic soils with warm temperatures makes for the full-bodied, ripe Cabernet Sauvignon that characterizes Knights Valley Wine Country.

Despite its isolated location, Knights Valley has a long history of wine production that began when the Spanish Missionaries were still active in California. Early pioneers were attracted to the region’s rugged beauty and arable land. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about Knights Valley in his book, Silverado Squatters.

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