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Rockpile Wine Country

There are currently about ten Rockpile vineyard owners. Wineries that purchase these grapes include Rosenblum, Branham Estate and Carol Shelton. They make limited production, highly sought after wines with this fruit.

Rockpile wine is produced with grapes grown in an elevated, coastally influenced climate. Rockpile Vineyards are exposed to a favorable mix of long, sunny days and moderating coastal breezes. Under these conditions, grapes are able to develop delicious fruit flavors balanced with firm acidity.

As implied by the region’s name, Rockpile terrain is comprised of soils that are rocky and well-drained. Rockpile Zinfandel is renowned for a flavor intensity that is rarely matched anywhere in the world. Connoisseurs have the wine region’s combination of climate and terrain to thank for these decadent masterpieces.

Despite its isolation, Rockpile Vineyards have had a long history of growing premium grapes that dates back to 1872. It was in this year that a maverick pioneer named Tennessee Carter Bishop planted the first grapes in the region. Since these early days, vineyard development has been a slow, but rewarding process in Rockpile Wine Country.

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