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Temecula Wine Country

There are about 20 Temecula wineries and 3,000 acres of vineyards in the region. Many of these wineries sell the majority of their vintages through tasting rooms. Miramonte Winery and Wilson Creek Winery are both excellent Temecula wineries that are a joy to visit and tour.

Temecula Valley’s climate is quite warm during the day, but is cooled in the evening by breezes from the Pacific Ocean. This maritime influence enters Temecula’s wine country through the Rainbow Gap in the northwest.

Temecula Valley’s terrain is very dry, and irrigation is required to grow vineyards in the wine region’s arid soils. The imposing Magee Hills surround the Temecula Valley to the east. Over the years, granite debris and sand have washed down to Buck Mesa, where most of the vineyards are planted.

Although Temecula Valley has only been growing grapes for a few decades, the region itself has a complex and colorful history that involves the Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans and Americans. The development of local wineries and vineyards is a relatively recent phenomenon that is linked to real estate development and transportation infrastructure improvements.

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