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The Cabernet Franc grape is sensitive to heat and likes relatively cool temperatures. It is lighter bodied, more acidic, and has thinner skins than Cabernet Sauvignon. Whereas Cabernet Sauvignon needs a long, sunny growing season to fully ripen, Cabernet Franc can be a much better bet for more marginal climates.

The Cabernet Franc Grape is usually used for blending, but there are also some very nice single varietal wines being made. California Cabernet Franc is a trendy grape right now with producers and consumers.

In Europe, Cabernet Franc is valued for its distinctive aromas and flavors. It is best known for its role in red Bordeaux blends. It is also made as a single varietal in the Loire Valley. There are over 35,000 acres of Cab Franc in France. It is planted more here than anywhere else in the world.

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