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The Gewurztraminer grape has an extremely aromatic, even pungent scent. Combined with high alcohol levels, it is a formidable white varietal. It is made in dry, off dry and sweet styles. The Gewurztraminer grape is extremely sensitive to climate and terrain, and it may be fabulous in one vineyard and ordinary right next door.

California Gewurztraminer has recently found success in cooler regions of the state. Examples from California tend to be more subdued and lighter bodied than their European counterparts. It is very difficult to ripen Gewurztraminer while retaining enough acidity for balance. The Anderson Valley wine region accomplishes this quite well.

Gewurztraminer has historically been grown in the Alsace region of France, although its original home is the european foothills of the Alps between Austria and Italy. Alsatian examples of Gewurztraminer are generally full bodied with defined, ripe characteristics. They have a tendency to be a little bitter on the palate, and can suggest grapefruit.

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