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The Mourvedre grape requires a long growing season and takes a long time to ripen. It likes heat, but needs a substantial amount of water. Humidity can be a serious threat to the grape. Mourvedre clusters are small and compact and can be prone to rot. Foliage must be pruned to expose the clusters to air. The Mourvedre grape understandably likes the windy climates.

For years the Mourvedre grape was called Mataro in California. California currently contains over 500 acres of the grape. California Mourvedre produces tannic, full bodied wines that have spicy flavors. Jade Mountain makes an excellent wine with grapes grown in the Mount Veeder wine region.

Mourvedre has historically been grown in the Southern Rhone Valley in France where it is usually blended with Grenache. It is also grown in the Southwestern part of Spain.

The Mourvedre grape is very difficult to graft and was almost entirely destroyed by phylloxera during the late 19th century. After the grafting issues were worked out, it has been increasingly planted worldwide.

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