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Blue Oak Vineyards

Blue Oak Vineyards
44 Blue Oak Lane
(707) 363-0680

During the growing season, the climate of Blue Oak Vineyards is characterized by warm days and cool nights. There is significant temperature fluctuation over each 24 hour period. These conditions are similar to Potter Valley at large.

Blue Oak Vineyards has provided grapes for a number of wineries including Sterling, Clos du Bois, Geyser Peak, and Navarro. David Heil is the vineyard manager and brings considerable experience to his occupation.

Blue Oak grows Pinot Noir in its hillside vineyards. Chardonnay is mainly grown on the valley floor, although there is also a highly valued Sauvignon Blanc vineyard block. Soil on the valley floor is quite fertile and vines can grow extremely fast in the warm sun. Pruning and trellising are very important to ensure grapes are high quality.

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