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Buena Vista Winery

Buena Vista Winery
18000 Old Winery Road
Sonoma, CAMAP

Unfortunately, the winery was heavily damaged by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. It was not until 1940 that Frank Bartholomew revived the property. He enlisted the legendary Andre Tchelistcheff to build on the winery’s esteemed past. Tchelistcheff was influential in developing Buena Vista’s style and philosophy.

In 1979, Buena Vista prophetically acquired 700 acres of land in Carneros. At the time, the region was widely regarded as too cold to produce quality wine. However, the following decades would dramatically prove otherwise. Currently, Allied Domecq owns the winery as well as 1000 acres in Carneros. Buena Vista continues to lead innovation in Carneros as well as sourcing grapes from other AVAs.

Choice grapes are used to produce the Buena Vista 2002 Carneros Reserve Pinot Noir. Berries and chocolate notes dominate the remarkable flavor profile of this wine. It has all the characteristics of a great Pinot without going overboard in any one component. This success is rare and difficult to accomplish with the notoriously finicky varietal.

The Buena Vista 2002 Sauvignon Blanc is a light, refreshing wine. Citrus and apple flavors make this a good choice for a hot afternoon. The grapes are sourced from the Clear Lake AVA.

The winery’s 1999 Carneros Estate Merlot proves that Carneros does not only excel at Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This is an extremely drinkable wine that shows its versatility in the wide range of foods that it pairs with.

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