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Located 1,800 feet above the Salinas Valley Floor, the unique conditions of Chalone Vineyard separate their wines from the pack. The soil of Chalone Vineyard is dominated by limestone and is peppered with granite deposits throughout the mountain side. This effectively limits the yield of the vines, producing a small amount of very high quality fruit. Additionally, the mineral component of the soil imparts distinct flavors in their wines.

Chalone has been producing wine continuously for the last forty years. Chardonnay has always been their flagship wine. Many regard it as the benchmark for the California Chardonnay.

In addition to their opulent Chardonnay, Chalone also produces Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. All of the wines are produced from 100 percent estate grown fruit. This allows Chalone to exert the up most control over the quality of their wine.

Chalone Wine Group is a publicly traded conglomerate of high end wineries and vineyards. Their other properties include Edna Valley Vineyards in San Luis Obispo County, Carmenet in Sonoma County, Jade Mountain on Mount Veeder, Acacia Winery in Carneros, and Canoe Ridge in Washington. The parent company lets these wineries run with little interference. Only the clerical and financial tasks are run by the company’s central offices.

In 1998, Tom Selfridge became CEO and Phil Woodward became Chairman. Selfridge previously worked for Kendall Jackson. Diageo bought Chalone Wine Group on February 8th, 2005.

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