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Chateau Potelle
975 Washington Street
(707) 255-9440

After tasting some 2,000 different wines, they decided to stay in the Golden State. In 1983, the couple purchased 202 acres of land on Mount Veeder, and Chateau Potelle was born. Marketta Fourmeaux is the winemaker.

Located five miles from the winery, and 1,800 feet above the valley floor, their vineyard produces grapes with distinctive flavors and very unique characteristics. This is due to the microclimate and growing conditions of the property. The rocky soil produces a small yield of fruit with incredible flavor and intensity.

The VGS Zinfandel is an aromatic, fruit forward wine that has cedar notes from being barrel aged. It underwent natural yeast fermentation which Marketta believes brings out the terroir of each individual vineyard more effectively. Natural yeast fermentation takes considerably longer than adding commercial yeasts.

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