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Crooked Vine Winery

Crooked Vine Winery
4948 Tesla Road
Livermore, CAMAP
(925) 449-0458

Wine Tours - Visiting Crooked Vine Winery

The rolling hills of Livermore Valley are home to the boutique Crooked Vine Winery. Dedicated to bringing the public the best product possible, Crooked Vine uses only the best grapes from Livermore in their wines.

This simple, straightforward philosophy plays a huge role in their wine production. They vow to never cut corners and only use the best ingredients available. Crooked Vine is proud of the wine they produce and will, “serve it to anyone, anywhere.”

The winery uses state of the art equipment and innovative winemaking techniques. They focus all of their energy on producing four wines. Crooked Vine’s flagship wine is their Cienega Valley Zinfandel. Black cherry in color, it offers a velvety texture with berry and chocolate flavors.

Their Livermore Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has complex flavors that are surprising smooth and refined in their youth. It is blended with small amount of Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

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