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In 1970, Jay and Barbara Fritz purchased a beautiful hillside property in Dry Creek Valley. Nine years later, they established Fritz Winery and were soon selling several thousand cases of wine a year. During the 1990s, they worked to increase quality and decrease quantity. Current production is 12,000 cases annually.

Since the winery decided to shift their focus to the high-end market, Fritz has seen one success after another. They currently sell all of their wines on allocation, and demand is extremely high. Each of the wines is handcrafted, and most are fermented with naturally occurring yeasts. In addition to the production facilities and vineyards, there is also a network of caves on the property used for aging the wines.

Fritz produces many wines from several different vineyards including Rockpile Vineyard, Lewis Vineyard, Rogers’ Vineyard, Jay’s Vineyard, Redwood Hill Vineyard, and Jenner Vineyard.

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