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Giuseppe Wines is located in the Redwood Valley wine region. The Giuseppes are an old Mendocino Family that has been growing grapes for almost a century. Zinfandel is the winery’s specialty.

In 1906, Giuseppe Rovera arrived in California via Italy. He bought land in Calpella and Redwood Valleys, and began planting vineyards. Giuseppe’s descendents have continued the tradition of farming and handcrafted winemaking.

They make big Zinfandels that often have over 15% alcohol, and jammy fruit flavors of black fruits and raisins. The extracted, strong flavors of these wines are due to long hang-time in the vineyard. The grapes are picked at about 26 BRIX which gives the must the capacity for such high alcohol.

This is a style of Zinfandel that has gained quite a following in California over the past few years. Their Zin won the gold medal at the California State Fair in 2002, and has gotten very good reviews from the mainstream wine press.

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