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Givich Vineyards is located in the eastern hills of Napa Valley, just east of the Atlas Peak wine region. Kenneth J. Givich is the owner and winemaker. Mr. Givich established his winery in 2000, and produced his first vintage in 2002.

Givich Vineyards makes small-batch wines in a handcrafted, fruit-forward style. Each of Mr. Givich’s red wines are aged in 100% American oak and his Chardonnay is fermented in French oak before being finished in stainless steel tanks. None of the red wines are filtered and limited fining is used only if clarification is required.

Some of California’s best winemakers originally worked in other industries, and this is certainly the case with Kenneth Givich. Before he started making wine, Mr. Givich was employed as a medical microbiologist. Although he excelled in this field, his true passion lay elsewhere.

Givich began taking winemaking classes and produced his first homemade wine in 1989. But this was no amateur effort, and everyone who tasted it encouraged him to turn professional. After several more years of honing his skills and learning all he could, Givich took the plunge in 2000 when he established Givich Vineyards.

From the beginning, his philosophy was to produce opulent, fruit-forward wines with hillside grapes. Givich focused his efforts on vinifying Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from the El Dorado wine region. In 2002, he hired consulting winemaker Jason Ball to help with his Napa Valley Chardonnay.

Givich winery faced a serious setback in October of 2005 when a suspicious fire broke out at Wines Central in Vallejo. Givich lost his entire inventory in this devastating blaze, but has bounced back stronger than ever with the release of his excellent 2004 and 2005 vintages.

Givich Vineyards’ current releases include the 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon El Dorado County, 2004 Zinfandel El Dorado County SP3 Vineyard, 2004 Petite Syrah El Dorado County SP3 Vineyard and 2005 Chardonnay Napa Valley Silverado Hills Vineyard.

The 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Petite Syrah from El Dorado County in the Sierra Foothills. This is a multi-faceted wine with flavors of cassis, cocoa and vanilla. It was not filtered or fined, and should be decanted before serving.

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