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Green & Red Vineyard


In 1890, the first vines were first planted on the Green & Red Vineyard Estate. After a long dormancy, the vineyard was revived by Pam and Jay Heminway in 1972. The couple established their winery and began making wine in 1977.

Green & Red Vineyard encompasses 200 acres and ranges between 900 and 2,000 feet above sea level. But only 31 acres of this expanse is planted with vines. Owners Jay and Pam Heminway have chosen the ideal locations for three distinct vineyard lots.

The Chiles Mill Vineyard is located at 1,100 feet and is planted with seven acres of vines. The nine acre Catacula Vineyard sits at 1,400 feet. Sitting at 1,700 feet with 15 acres of vines, the Heminway’s Tip Top Vineyard is the largest and most elevated of their vineyard lots. The grape yield is kept at three tons per acre and many clusters are thinned or removed throughout the year. The vines’ canopy is pruned regularly to ensure optimal sun and wind exposure.

All of the Heminway’s hillside vines are grown in red, volcanic soils that contain a lot of oxidized iron and the occasional vein of serpentine. Even though the ground looks similar, each vineyard has slightly different soil density, texture, and drainage. Some of the vines require irrigation while others are dry farmed.

Green & Red Vineyard makes a full bodied Zinfandel and Syrah blend that is quite popular. Called “Sobrante,” this wine is 70% Zin and 30% Syrah, but 100% mountain grapes.

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