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Lamborn Family Vineyard

Lamborn Family Vineyard
1984 Summit Lake Drive
Angwin, CAMAP
(925) 254-0511

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Lamborn Family Vineyard produces small amounts of big wines. Exercising quality control at every stage of the winemaking process, Lamborn restricts their production to around 1,000 cases per year.

Their current vintage of Zinfandel is called Papa’s Vintage. It is made from 100% estate grown fruit. Now that their new planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines have reached maturity, they are preparing to release a new wine. With Heidi Barrett at the helm, their Estate Cab is always expected to be great.

Bob Lamborn began his career as a private investigator for the FBI. After a series of “reflective stages,” Lambert decided to leave the realm of government work; and started a new life in the wine industry. After much research, Bob and his son Michael bought two adjacent plots of land.

After the arduous task of clearing mountain side, they planted their new vineyards with Zinfandel. Even after this work, only 14 acres of the 40 acre estate were plantable.

In 1982, the Lamborn Family’s first vintage was made by their friend and neighbor, Randy Dunn. Since then, their production has steadily increased until it reached its peak of 2,700 cases in 1992.

The Lamborn’s vineyards are situated along a ridge, 2,200 feet above the Napa Valley Floor. The red, volcanic soil is a stressed growing environment for the vines. The vineyards are oriented in a northerly direction, which produces cooler days and warmer nights. Currently, only eight vineyards are planted; four with Zinfandel and four with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Heidi Barrett began making wine for Lamborn Family Winery in 1996. She may be the most famous Napa consultant, and is responsible for many cult wines including Screaming Eagle and Grace Family.

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