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Meyer Family Cellars

Meyer Family Cellars
19750 Highway 128
Yorkville, CAMAP
(707) 895-2341

After 15 years, Meyer left the religious order and began using the skills he acquired as a winemaker full time. In 1972, Justin Meyer and Ray Duncan established Silver Oak Cellars. Three years later, the business partners bought Franciscan Winery and later sold it to focus on Silver Oak.

Meyer was the winemaker until 1984, and 2000, he sold his stake in Silver Oak to Duncan. He was always been a fan of Port, and had made small amounts under the Meyer Family Cellars label for several years. This wine was only sold out of the tasting room at Silver Oak.

After leaving the Napa Valley, Meyer and his family bought land in the Yorkville Highlands, and began to spend more time making Port. Unfortunately, Meyer passed away in 2002.

But his family has continued in his footsteps making excellent wine. Their Tawny Port is made using the solera system. This is one of the traditional winemaking techniques in the Douro Valley of Portugal. The Meyers also plan to release Syrah in the future.

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