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Nichelini Winery
2950 Sage Canyon Road
St. Helena, CAMAP

When Swiss-Italian immigrant Anton Nichelini first came to Chiles Valley, he saw potential in a place where there were very few other settlers. Nichelini’s only had a few other neighbors, and most were Wappo Native Americans.

The family has been living on their property since 1884. Nichelini Winery is the oldest family owned winery and vineyard in the Napa Valley. In addition to the vines he planted in 1890, Anton also established a Zinfandel vineyard in 1920 that still produces fruits used in Nichelini wine.

After inheriting the estate form their father Anton, Bill and Joe Nichelini, bought additional acreage in the lower Chiles Valley. This made it possible to plant more vineyard acreage as well as different varietals. When Bill passed on, he left the winery to his son Jim. Jim Nichelini produces several wines; the most prestigious being his old vine Zinfandel.

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Comments & Reviews

June 2, 2007 | Felisa White

Upon meeting Joe Nichelini thru my husband, I was given a complimentary bottle of 2004 Zinfandel which took me by surprise with its cool crisp taste. The Nichelini Zinfandel did not leave a bitter after-taste in my mouth, nor did it make my mouth dry, like Berenger's. The flavor was unremarkable. I drank the whole bottle and felt great! Thanks Joe!!

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