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Palumbo Family Vineyards and Winery


Established in 1998, Palumbo Family Vineyards traces its history to the dual interests of culinary arts and wine that possess its winemaker, Nicholas Palumbo. Mr. Palumbo first studied culinary arts in New York and worked as a chef in San Diego. Inevitably, he became enamored of the art and science of wine. While visiting Temecula Valley, he realized he could pursue his interest in viticulture. He and his family then moved onto the first seven acres of what would become Palumbo Family Vineyards.

Mr. Palumbo has studied viticulture through the renowned UC Davis program. He also prides himself on his membership in the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, which educates its members in sustainable farming practices. In order to produce full-bodied, complex wines, Mr. Palumbo maintains a low yield; however, he is hands-on in every step of the wine production. He has taken the time to learn from other wine growers and closely monitors his vineyards’ microclimate, soil, canopy and irrigation. The farm has grown to 13 acres and produces approximately 2,500 cases per year. The winery also offers guests a private tour its vineyards in order to display sustainable farming.

Palumbo Family Vineyards produces Viognier, Merlot, Syrah, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. All wines are estate-grown. The winery also produces several blends, including a Meritage and a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon blend. The Meritage, called Tre Fratelli, has won several awards. Many of the Palumbo varieties, especially the 2005 Cabernet Franc, have received numerous accolades from competitions like the Southern California Wine Competition and the Temecula Wine Competition.

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