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Paraiso Vineyards

Paraiso Vineyards
38060 Paraiso Springs Road
Soledad, CAMAP

The Smiths have been one of the driving forces in the Santa Lucia Highlands ongoing rise to prominence in the wine world. When the Smiths arrived in Monterey, all of their belongings were packed into a small car.

The Smiths were long known for their quality grapes. Realizing that their fruit was being used in other wineries’ reserve collection, they decided to start their own label.

In the vineyard, the Smiths use mobile vineyard pressing, mechanical harvesting and advanced trellising and irrigation systems. The Smiths market their different wines based on the quantity they make.

Their Paraiso Vineyard Series represents the majority of the wine that they sell. It includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Riesling. All of these wines are very good, but pale in comparison to their Vineyard Designate wines.

Their West Terrace Pinot Noir is among the best Pinots from California. Additionally, their Wedding Hill Syrah scored 95 points in Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Paraiso is an integral part of Monterey County and is one of the main reasons that the Santa Lucia Highlands is becoming a widely recognized AVA.

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