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Round Pond Estate

Round Pond Estate
886 Rutherford Road
Rutherford, CAMAP
(707) 963-7555

Round Pond Estate is located on an idyllic piece of property in the Rutherford AVA. In 2005, owners Ryan and Miles MacDonnell began building their own winery. They currently rent winemaking facilities to produce Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo.

The MacDonnells are seasoned grape growers and have three different vineyards on their estate. These include Red Barn Ranch, Hill’s, and MacDonnell Vineyards. Vines are planted in well drained soils that are made of alluvial deposits from the nearby Napa River and Conn Creek.

Ryan and Miles MacDonnell pride themselves on using only sustainable farming techniques in their vineyards. They heavily restrict yields, and only allow two grape clusters to grow on each shoot.

In addition to their wines, Round Pond also produces excellent olive oil, vinegar, blood oranges, and Meyer lemons. It is rare to see a winery produce other agricultural products in the Napa Valley.

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