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Saucelito Canyon Vineyards

Saucelito Canyon Vineyards
3080 Biddle Ranch Road
San Luis Obispo, CAMAP
(805) 543-2111

Owners Bill and Nancy Greenough specialize in Estate Zinfandel made with the remarkably concentrated fruit of this vineyard. Their late harvest Zinfandel is produced in very limited quantities; only around 90 cases are made each year.

Because most grape varieties do not produce much volume after they are about 30 years old, they are typically replanted before they get to this age. For example, a mature Cabernet vineyard is usually staggered with different aged vines that are uprooted when they are about 30 years old. This avoids having to replant the entire vineyard when they stop producing acceptable yields. In contrast, Zinfandel vines produce fewer, but noticeably higher quality berries as they get older.

The vineyard is also planted with Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. Saucelito Canyon makes their wines in a state of the art facility.

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Comments & Reviews

September 10, 2008 | James Smollen

How did they find this place?? It is well worth the trip to visit Bill & Nancy, for their great wines and to see 100+ year old root stock with sea shells in the soil. Remember, it is about 900 ABOVE sea level!

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