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Silver Oak Winery

Silver Oak Winery
915 Oakville Crossroad
Oakville, CAMAP

When entrepreneur and founder of Silver Oak Winery Ray Duncan first came to the Napa Valley, he immediately recognized its incredible potential. Duncan recalls his experience as being, “awakening.” He purchased 750 acres of land and began planting Cab.

Early on, Duncan decided that he would focus all of his energy on producing Cabernet Sauvignon. He partnered with former Christian Brother and winemaker Justin Meyers to realize the property’s potential.

Silver Oak has since expanded to the Alexander Valley AVA, and recently acquired 100 acres just north of Stags Leap. The rocky, fast draining soil of this new land is perfect for producing small volume, high intensity grapes.

Current winemaker Daniel Baron makes inspired wines from top quality grapes. One of the better wines I have recently tasted is their 2000 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Comments & Reviews

April 3, 2007 | Mark Holm

I use to love Silver Oak. Their cabs were one of the best. However since Justin Meyers left the building.. well, I'm afraid they lost their soul.. they are still good but not the same level of quality as in the past.

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