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Six Hands Winery is owned and operated by Peter Marks, his wife Riche´le, and his father Norman. The Marks Family has been involved in local agriculture for over a century. They have long been benevolent custodians of their land and care for it with the long term in mind.

The winery’s name is derived from the fact that these 3 individuals and their 6 hands are literally the only ones involved in any part of the winemaking process. They emulate the ancient winemaking traditions and techniques of the villages of France. Six Hands’ wines truly have personality and you can taste the personal touch.

The winemaking team makes small amounts of grapes picked from local vineyards. Their wines have a rustic and handmade mouthfeel and flavor. It is clear that the Marks Family does not overly vinify their offerings; they let the natural flavors of their high-quality grapes speak for themselves.

The Marks Family produce wines with grapes grown in the Clarksburg AVA of the Sacramento Delta. This region enjoys a beneficial combination of warm, sunny days cooled by winds from the San Francisco Bay in the evening. Six Hands’ next releases includes a 1997 barrel fermented Chenin Blanc as well as a 1996 Cabernet Sauvignon that has been barrel aged for two years.

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