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Truchard Vineyards

Truchard Vineyards
3234 Old Sonoma Rd
(707) 253-7153

The history of the Truchard Family is deeply rooted in the wine industry. Founder Tony Truchard’s grandfather emigrated from Lyon, France to start his own vineyard and winery in America.

Unfortunately, his winery did not survive prohibition, and the family winemaking tradition was temporarily put on hold until 1974, when Tony Truchard acquired land in Carneros. Truchard’s estate encompasses about 380 acres and is planted with 270 acres of vines.

This is a relatively large area of land for a single vineyard. Because of its size, there are numerous soil types and microclimates on the property that support many varietals. Of the 10 wines that Truchard produces, their Syrah, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir are my personal favorites.

The best 20% of Truchard’s fruit is used in their estate wines. The rest is sold to high end Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries. The estate wines are hand crafted using traditional, Old World techniques. They have been described as, “wines with a sense of place.”

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