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ZD Wines
8383 Silverado Trail
(800) 487-7757

ZD Wines was founded by Gino Zepponi and Norman de Leuze. Although many would think that it is named after the first letter of their last names, it is actually the initials for “Zero Defect.” Why Zero Defect?

Before Zepponi and de Leuze began their careers as winemakers, they were rocket scientists. Yes, these two aerospace engineers spent their time contemplating complex physical properties of nature and the space time continuum. Zepponi and de Leuze began their journey into the winemaking world in 1969, when they received a winery permit in Sonoma County.

After producing wine as a hobby for 10 years, de Leuze decided to leave his job as an aeronautical engineer and pursue his true dream full time. After searching, de Leuze found a perfect 6 acre piece of property on the Silverado Trail. The rest is history.

Today, the de Leuze family is involved in all aspects of winemaking. The eldest son, Robert followed in the footsteps of his father and received an informal winemaking education from practical experience. He then backed this up with a degree in Enology from UC Davis, making him the air apparent to his father. Robert is now the winemaker and CEO of ZD.

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